Games of Glory – Alpha Keys


It’s entered the world a new MOBA title. A MOBA-Crossover, a real novelty to try, at this time the project is the alpha version, and anyone can test the game by taking a key here.
You have to enter your email address and follow the instructions.
Games of Glory offers:
  • Action-oriented combat mechanics that provide real-time targeting control
  • Gameplay designed for strategy and teamwork
  • A free weapons system where weapons can be swapped in the heat of battle
  • A multitude of equipment combinations so you can customize the appearance of your Clones
  • A complete E-Sport ecosystem tied to the world, where players manage their own clubs and can take on roles such as: starplayer, tournament organizer, club president, coach or team manager
…and lots more!
The term MOBA-crossover indicates a mix of genres in a new MOBA experience.

You can discover also the screenshots and beautiful wallpapers.
Compatible with:


Happy Gaming  😀


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