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Hop and Pop – DESURA Key for FREE


With Cute or Trash Mode, single, co-op or Death Match, Hop and Pop is “Some fun for smart people”. Jump around and push balloons or Zombies ‘heads to make color combinations. Unless you prefer to pick-up surprises and unlock one of the 15 Powers. The more balloons you pop, the more points you get, but the faster it goes. Hop and Pop is a mix between puzzle and platformer game. Features 3 Game Mode You can play single, co-op or Death-Match. Just pick-up your opponent Cute or Trash Mode Pop Balloons or choose the trash mode and smash zombies ‘heads in a bloodier environment Three Difficulty Levels You think level 1 is too easy, try chill and thrill level 4 customs Soundtrack Techno, Rock, Lounge, ambient choose the best tune to fit your preference 15 awards to unlock The more points you get, the more powers you unlock : bomb, ice, fireball, bullet, lightning etc…
Here you can see the trailer, images and grab it for free.
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