OpenBSD 5.7 is out! Support for many architectures


This is the 37th release on CD-ROM (and 38th via FTP/HTTP). It remains proud of OpenBSD’s record of more than ten years with only two remote holes in the default install. As in our previous releases, 5.7 provides significant improvements, including new features, in nearly all areas of the system. Improved hardware support includes: new xhci(4) driver for USB 3.0 host controllers; new umcs(4) driver for MosChip Semiconductor 78×0 USB multiport serial adapters; new skgpio(4) driver for Soekris net6501 GPIO and LEDs; new uslhcom(4) driver for Silicon Labs CP2110 USB HID based UART….” The latest release of the security oriented flavour of BSD includes many changes such as the removal of SSLv3 support from base utilities and more strict enforcement of write-exclusive-or-execute (W^X) in the kernel.

Detailed log of changes

Errata page (potential problems and fixes for the new release)

Release announcement

Listen the new song



Download and install:

OpenBSD/macppc 5.7  — Installation Notes

OpenBSD/x86_64 bit 5.7  —  Installation Notes

OpenBSD/x86_32 bit 5.7  —  Installation Notes

OpenBSD/armish 5.7  —  Installation Notes

OpenBSD/alpha 5.7  —  Installation Notes

OpenBSD/armv7 5.7  —  Installation Notes

OpenBSD/landisk 5.7  —  Installation Notes

OpenBSD/loongson 5.7  —  Installation Notes

OpenBSD/octeon 5.7  — Installation Notes

OpenBSD/sgi 5.7  —  Installation Notes

OpenBSD/socppc 5.7  —  Installation Notes

OpenBSD/sparc 5.7  —  Installation Notes

OpenBSD/sparc64 5.7  —  Installation Notes

OpenBSD/vax 5.7  —  Installation Notes

OpenBSD/zaurus 5.7  —  Installation Notes

Quick install instructions


OpenBSD is a project released under the BSD 2-Clause License.
This license is recognized as free license, but it is not copyleft.

Happy OpenBSD  😀

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