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Today STEAM Community started blocking Gleam.io

Steam Link Ban

Early today Steam Community started blocking Gleam.io links from appearing on their site. The reason for this is apparrently because some users had been spamming links on various groups and profiles.
This block has had unintended consequences, throwing errors when users now try to authenticate with Steam. We are aware of this issue and working with Valve to see if we can get the links unblocked.

Updates to TOS

As a result of these Steam issues we have updated our TOS. We will no longer allow users to:
  • Giveaway game keys purely for the purpose of farming followers for various groups or other social accounts.
Unfortunately this has gotten out of hand for a few reasons:
  • Some of these groups are actively blackmailing developers for keys
  • Users are required to jump through too many hoops for a simple key
  • Keys for the same games are getting recycled over and over
  • Some of these groups are actively breaking Valve TOS by asking users to vote on Greenlight games
  • Groups are giving away stolen keys that end up being deactivated
  • These campaigns end up eating up to 25% of our resources but drive less than 0.01% of our revenue
We will now actively start disabling Rewards that are used purely for this purpose. We will only allow developers themselves to giveaway their own keys, or approved marketing partners.
From Official Source: https://gleam.io/docs/updates
All rewards have been disabled, we will keep you updated.

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