Microsoft Windows XP End of Life


Support Windows XP is already finished April 8, 2014. Surely many of you have already installed the latest operating systems, with updates and support. We ask if you can send us your old Windows XP original keys, with photos of the license keys, OEM or Retail.
Just follow two steps:
  1. Take a photo the license with the product key, upload it into OneDrive or something like that.
  2. From this link, write the text with I want to donate my Windows XP key and license“, write the product key and link to download the license’s photo.
Surely, we could reuse the keys for our activities.  By recycling these keys, they won’t go in the trash.
But if you will not be sent photos of the original license with the original product key, the emails will be ignored.

Thanks in advance.


Our Team 🙂