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Ghost in the Shell: First Assault Recruit Pack – STEAM DLC Key for FREE

Ghost in the Shell

Stronger, faster and more lethal than mankind’s deadliest soldier: You’re a member of Section 9, an elite force of cybernetically enhanced combat operatives responsible for protecting society and fighting terrorists on the neon drenched streets of a futuristic Japan.
Society has embraced new technology, leaving themselves vulnerable to malicious super-hackers. Cyber terrorism has evolved and so must you! Dive beyond humanity as you upgrade and augment yourself into a walking weapon, capable of super human feats. Deliver the first assault by coordinating strategic attacks, hacking enemy weaponry and utilizing SkillSync to link-up and share cyber skills with your allies, in this gripping team shooter inspired by “Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex”, the critically acclaimed series based on Shirow Masamune’s original comic “The Ghost in the Shell”.

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